Choose Your Own Adventure


Our sixth challenge has the potential to get a little confusing but incredibly fun. We're going to do something pretty much like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that came out when I was young, and we're going to let the audience choose what direction we go with in our stories. Our main difference is that you will not be required to write all of the scenarios, but just the one that gets the simple majority of votes in your comments section.

If you want to participate in this challenge, I'd like it if you commented below so I can kind of gauge how many people are going to be doing this. However, no formal sign-up is required.

To participate:

By June 16th, post the first section of your story in the community. Present at least two choices for people to vote on in the comments section on the direction your story will take.

By June 26th, post the next section of your story, along with another choice. You can do the 'choose the story path' as many times as you'd like, as your time allows, so long as you have a minimum of two posts with your choices in them.

By July 3rd, post the completed story, ready for archiving.

Any fandom. Any pairing. Any rating, minimum completed length is 1,000 words. No length requirements for your section posts.


The story:

Clark knew there had always been a part of the library where the students went to make out behind the stacks, but it wasn't until he saw Professor Luthor perusing the science fiction section that he started actively seeking it out.


Audience, your choices are:

a) finds the coveted make-out section
b) gets lost in the science-fiction section and Professor Luthor rescues him
c) falls off a truck and lands somehow on the distant planet Zion.

Vote in the comments now! I'm going slightly overboard with the example here, but I'm trying to show that this is only going to be as fun as the choices you present to your audience! Have FUN with this!

Any questions, comments? Have a good time! Encourage your friends to come over and vote for the choice you really want to win even! Rigging is permitted. *G* The catch is you *must* go with the comment voting selections, so you must be prepared to write *any* of the scenarios you allow for.

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There's Your Trouble | Joanne Collins | Smallville | NC-17

Uncompleted: (can be found in the LiveJournal community)

The Runaway/And Both Were Young | The O.C./Smallville Crossover | PG

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