Title: There's Your Trouble
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Whitney (several other implied pairings)
Author: Joanne Collins
Spoilers: Slight ones for Hug
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Started life as a missing scene challenge to the ep Hug.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, they belong to the WB, Miller/Gough, DC Comics.


Clark remembered the afternoon when he was alone in his room later.

Chloe had kissed him.

Clark was...well, he was a teenaged boy and he was remembering how it had felt when an
attractive girl had kissed him, so his reaction was pretty standard.

He was hard.

He'd been surprised when she'd kissed him. Oh, she wasn't the first, but...it was *Chloe*.
He wondered how he would have felt if it was Lana, and he only got harder at the thought
of his crush kissing him. Her long dark hair brushing against him, then short blonde hair
came into the picture. Only this short blonde hair wasn't Chloe's.

He groaned, Whitney was even interfering in his *fantasies* about Lana now? He'd
thought that was past, but he let his mind run free anyway. And he remembered pulling
Whitney from Kyle, how his hands had run all over Whitney's back. Even in the apparent
danger of the moment, he'd noticed how warm Whitney felt under his hands.

This wasn't a new feeling. Whitney and Lex had featured in more than one of his recent
fantasies, the only men - so far - to do so. He wasn't sure why, if it was because he'd
saved them both within days of each other, his slowly emerging understanding of things
he was barely ready to admit to himself, or something else.

He lay back, unzipping his jeans, keeping the memory of Chloe's lips firmly in his mind,
but they kept changing to Whitney's, the blonde hair his fingers ran through becoming
shorter, and then it was non-existent and his fingers were touching skin and it was Lex.



Clark figured that fantasy was okay, even though he never knew how he'd face Lex - or
Victoria for that matter - again without blushing. Not that he'd seen much of Victoria, but
blushing whenever he did see her...well...okay, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. He
wondered if she liked guys who blushed. Probably not, as she was dating Lex, who
probably hadn't blushed since he was eleven. Though Lex blushing was a pretty hot
image. Clark wondered if Lex's scalp got red, as well as his cheeks. Sex was supposed to
make people look like they were blushing too...

Clark's mind wandered, and imagined himself in Lex's bedroom - no, his study. He
doesn't know how they got here, but he's kissing Lex, who's kissing him back, and he can
feel Lex's cock, hard against his leg, while it's Lex's hand on his cock, not his own and it's
so good, he's moaning and he looks up and...

Victoria. Watching.

No, not just watching, she's getting off on it, Clark can tell. He doesn't know what she's
doing, but she's more than just watching. And now she's getting up and coming over to
them and she's smiling....

And the phone beside his bed is ringing.

"Dammit!" Clark said, his hand stilling on his cock. "Couldn't they have called a few
minutes later?" He tucked his cock back into his pants, but didn't zip up, as he felt he
should answer the phone and he was still a little too hard for zipping up fast to be a good

"Hello?" he said, bringing the phone over so he could lie on the bed and talk. And get
back to his fantasy as soon as the call was over.

"Hey, Clark," it's Whitney's voice and he sounds a little hesitant.

"Whitney?" Clark's surprised.

"Yeah. I know I'm probably the last person you'd expect to be calling," Whitney laughed
a little, and the sound went straight to Clark's cock. He'd never heard Whitney laugh that
way before.

"Well, maybe not the very last, but one of them," Clark agreed. "What can I do for you,
Whitney?" His hand brushes against his cock, almost casually.

"I'm just calling to thank you for your help," Whitney said. "I don't know what got into

Bad choice of words. Clark's mind went where Whitney would probably not want it to
go. But it was there. Clark, buried deep inside Whitney, fucking him hard. "Some
freakish thing, this *is* Smallville," Clark managed to chuckle.

"So true," Whitney agreed. "Well, really, just calling to thank you."

"You're welcome, seriously," Clark said, fingers working his cock. He doesn't know how
he's keeping coherent.

"I was wondering..." Whitney said, trailing off.

Clark breathed heavily into the phone, his mind supplying all kinds of second halves to
that sentence. If he would mind kissing Whitney? Fucking him? Not at all...

"If maybe you could put in a good word for me," Whitney finished.

"With who?" Clark asked, gasping.

"Are you okay?" Whitney asked.

"Just exercising," Clark answered, cupping and rolling his balls for a moment, then
resuming the stroking of his cock. "With who, Whitney?"

"Well, I hear your friend Lex's father owns the Metropolis Sharks. I was hoping maybe
you could put in a good word to get one of their scouts to check me out?"

Clark's fingers brought him off, but he managed to not make any noise when he came.

"I guess so," he said, licking his fingers quickly. He could finish cleaning up after the
call. "I don't know how much influence Lex has, but asking couldn't hurt..."

"Thanks, Clark."

"I'll let you know how it goes."

"I really appreciate this," Whitney said.

"No problem," Clark said.

"I guess I'll see you in school," Whitney kind of sounded like he wanted to talk longer,
but couldn't.

"Sure," Clark said. "I hear my mom calling, it must be time for dinner."

"Bye," Whitney hung up before Clark could say any more.

Clark cleaned up and went down for dinner. He managed not to blush when his mother
asked who the call had been from.

After dinner, he started to think about Whitney's request. It was still early enough to go
over to Lex's.


Clark walked out of the Luthor mansion an hour later feeling pretty relieved. He'd
managed not to blush any more than he usually did around Lex and had even, somehow,
managed to sneak in a hug, fuel for many fantasies later, the feeling of Lex's lithely
muscled body against his had almost been enough to make him hard. Oh, and they had
actually talked about Whitney and the football team Lex's father owned.

Lex had said he would see what he could do, which was really all Clark could ask for. He
had asked about Victoria, but Lex had informed him she was taking a bath. Clark had
envisioned her, lying in a marble tub, body covered in bubbles, then he'd imagined
walking in and being pulled into the water fully clothed. That was as far as his fantasy
had got before he was brought back to reality by Lex asking him about school, but it was
more fodder for later fantasies.

Looking at his watch, Clark decided to take a chance on going to see Whitney to tell him
how things had gone. It wasn't so late that he'd get more than a raised eyebrow from
Whitney's parents, and he really wanted to tell Whitney about this, even though there
wasn't very much to tell.

He sped to Whitney's gate and walked up the path slowly, knocking on the door.

"Hello, Clark," Mrs Fordman said, smiling politely.

"How are you, Mrs Fordman? Could I talk to Whitney, if it's not too late?" Clark asked.

"Of course," Mrs Fordman smiled. "He and Lana are in the living room, and I was just on
my way to bed. Nice to see you," she smiled.

Clark faltered a little. He hadn't expected Lana to be here. He always became
so...awkward around her. It was, he'd realised recently, only partly due to the meteor rock
necklace she wore. It would have still happened, but it was...increased by the necklace.
He would just have to step carefully.

As he walked through the hall, watching Mrs Fordman walk upstairs, Clark almost
laughed. Who'd have thought a few months ago that he'd be feeling like this about
Whitney? But they'd had an awkward conversation and got past the scarecrow incident.
Still, a part of him was grateful that he'd have the buffer of Lana - not to mention the
buffer of Whitney. He realised then that it was funny, they were a buffer for his feelings
for each of them.

He knocked quietly on the wall of the living room. " Hey."

"Hi, Clark, what are you doing here?" Whitney asked. "Come in."

"Hi Clark," Lana smiled.

"I...did what you asked me about earlier, Whitney," Clark said, giving him an out if Lana
didn't know and he didn't want to tell her.

"You asked Lex about the football team?" Lana smiled. "Thank you, Clark."

Clark smiled back. "Well, there wasn't really much I could do, but Lex said he'll do what
he can."

"That's all I wanted, Clark. Thank you," Whitney took his hand and Clark realised that
that simple touch was affecting him more than the hug he'd shared with Lex earlier.
Either he was still affected by the hug, or...he looked at Whitney, and realised. It was
him, not the hug. He would have to find a fast, graceful way of exiting. But not yet. He
wanted a little longer with Whitney. And Lana.

Lana. Who was sitting there beside Whitney.

"How are you both doing tonight?" Clark asked, to push that thought away.

"I'm good," Whitney said. "Even got my homework done."

"Only because I helped," Lana teased.

Clark's insides twisted, but he wasn't...exactly...jealous. He wanted to be a part of that,
not separated.

"Did you get the English paper done?" Whitney asked him.

"Yeah," Clark said, and they discussed the poetry assignment.

"Whitman liked guys," Whitney said, suddenly. "And he was a hero, too."

"Yes," Clark said, wondering what that meant.

"My dad would never...feel that way," Whitney said.

"Most people wouldn't," Lana said. "Doesn't make them right."

"Yeah, but can you imagine my dad?" Whitney said. "He'd kick me out."

"Then you'd come stay with me and Nell," Lana said.

Clark was silent. He wasn't sure what to say. What Whitney was saying.

"I think I've shocked Clark," Whitney said, carefully neutral.

"A little," Clark said. "I thought you and Lana..."

"We like each other," Lana said. "Maybe more."

"I like guys. And girls," Whitney said. "It doesn't have to be one or the other, you know."

Clark thought of his fantasies about Lex and Victoria and blushed. "No, I guess not..."

"You, Clark?" Lana looked a little surprised.

"Lex?" Whitney asked, still carefully neutral.

"Only in my dreams," Clark said. "Sometimes with Victoria."

"Ohhhh," Lana smiled. "Interesting image..."

"You don't like Lex that way?" Whitney asked.

"I do," Clark said, honestly.."But I don't think he likes me that way. Maybe I'm too
young. Maybe he's right if that's why."

"Is there anyone you like that way?" Lana asked. "Who you might not be too young

"Well..." Clark prevaricated. He wasn't sure what to say.


"Clark, if you don't want to answer in front of me, I can leave," Lana says.

"Or I can, if it's me..." Whitney says.

"I'm...I don't know," Clark says. "I'm...confused. And I don't think either of you leaving is
to make me un-confused right now."

"Do you want to talk?" Lana asks, her eyes serious. "If I'm pushing too much, tell me."

"Not yet," Clark manages a smile. "I...this is all so new, I never thought..."

"That it was this complicated?" Whitney smiles back. "I know the feeling."

"It's never easy," Clark says, thinking of Lana and blushing a little as she looks at him.

"Yeah, but at least if it's a girl, it's...well, expected. Easier," Whitney muses.

"That's true," Clark says. "I mean, if it was Victoria, I could at least, well...okay, maybe

Whitney laughs, but not unkindly. "Yeah. But I know what you mean."

"Maybe..." Clark muses. "Maybe it's that I've never even touched a guy like that."

"Me either," Whitney responds.

"So it could all be fantasy, forbidden fruit?" Lana says. She startled Clark, he'd almost
she was there. Which...he never thought he'd say.

"Yes," Clark nods. Anything is possible.

"You know what? You two need some time alone to work this out," Lana says. "I'm
going to go
home now. Make your decision for yourselves. Don't factor me in unless it's what you

"Lana, I should walk you home," Whitney says.

"It's not that far," Lana replies. "Even this late, I don't think there will be a problem."

"I could call you a cab," Clark says. "It won't take long."

"Okay," Whitney says. "But you should maybe call your folks Clark. I don't think you're
home tonight."

Clark turns bright red, but he's smiling widely. "I'll call when I get back from waiting for
cab with Lana."

It doesn't take very long for the cab to arrive, though Clark takes advantage of waiting
outside the Fordmans' gate with Lana, just being near her is nice. He gets up the courage
ask her why she was so insistent that he and Whitney explore their feelings.

"One, I think you need to get past the scarecrow incident," she says, eyes serious.
say that you and Whitney aren't the only ones with feelings like yours."

He's too shocked to ask if she means herself and if so who she was talking about. And
though they'd had a few revelations tonight, he wasn't sure they knew each other well
enough to
get into it on her side. Maybe someday. And then the cab pulled up.

"Good luck, Clark," Lana says, kissing him on the cheek before getting into the cab. He
feels a
little dizzy at the contact.

Clark lets himself into the Fordmans' house quietly and calls his parents. Luckily his
answers, she's a little more understanding of his excuse of needing to study for a test than
his father would be.

"Lana's gone, the call's made," he says as he joins Whitney in the living room. "Now

"I don't know," Whitney says.

"If...if anything makes either one of us uncomfortable, we stop," Clark says. "That should
without saying."

"It all makes me uncomfortable," Whitney replies. "But I think I can tell the difference."

"I can too," Clark says.

"Uh...I feel weird doing anything here," Whitney iss looking around the living room.
"This is
where my parents watch movies. Want to go up to my room?"

Clark gulps a little. "I...okay."

"I know," Whitney says, getting up. He was almost as tall as Clark. "We can do this," he
lightly touching Clark's fingers. Clark shivers just at that small touch.

"We can," Clark nods.

Whitney leads the way up to his room.

"Uh, will your folks be okay with me staying here?" Clark asks, realising suddenly that
hadn't thought of that.

"I'll just give them the studying excuse too, Clark," Whitney's eyes twinkle just a little.

Clark blushes. "Sorry, not used to this..."

"I'm not either, but...well, Lana and I had a lot of study dates that were more dating than
studying," Whitney admits.

Clark nods. He really doesn't want to talk about Lana right now.

"And I promise to stop talking about her, " Whitney says. "This is about us. I'm just

"I know. Me too," Clark replies.

"Can I...could I kiss you?" Whitney's voice is hesitant. But wanting at the same time.

"Yes," Clark nods and holds a hand out. "I want to, so very much..."

Whitney leans over and kisses Clark, a light touch of his lips to Clark's.

Clark's arms go around Whitney's neck, no hesitation, and he kisses Whitney a little
harder. This is easier than he had thought it would be, and different than he'd imagined.
He'd never expected Whitney's lips to be so soft. Clark opens his lips a little and touches
Whitney's with his tongue. Whitney's moan when he does surprises him, in a good way.
Their bodies are pressed so close together that Clark can feel Whitney's cock pressing
against him.

"This feels good..." Whitney murmurs into Clark's ear.

Clark can't do anything but nod and move his hips forward, moaning himself as his cock
slides over Whitney's hipbone. Even through several layers of fabric, it feels intense.
Maybe too intense.

"Whitney..." Clark moaned, kissing him again.

"Yeah?" Whitney thrust against Clark mindlessly.

"Can we...should we...take our clothes off?" Clark knows he's blushing as he asks, but he
really doesn't want to ruin his jeans.

Whitney looks in his eyes and nods. "Don't want to make a mess, do we...at least not in
our pants."

Shivering in anticipation, Clark starts to take Whitney's shirt off. As the buttons come
apart, he touches Whitney's chest, then lower and lower, just light brushes of his fingers,
but every time, Whitney moans. Just a small touch sparks electricity between them.

"It feels so good," Whitney whispers as he takes Clark's shirt off.

"Like nothing else," Clark nods and slowly licks over Whitney's shoulder as he unfastens
Whitney's jeans.

"Nothing," Whitney agrees as he throws his head back when Clark's tongue strokes his

Clark wants to call Whitney beautiful, but it feels wrong to say it. He is, though.
Gorgeous like this, skin flushed, erect cock outlined by the thin material of his boxers.
Clark wants to kiss Whitney all over.

"Can I see you?" Whitney gasps, breath coming in hard pants.

"Sure," Clark replies, taking his pants off. He steps into Whitney's arms, and it feels
like...home. In Whitney's arms, the outside world doesn't exist.

They somehow manage to get to the bed, a haze of kisses and touches obscuring the
actual details. Lying, facing each other, kisses and touches and pulling back to see each
other's face, it's...

"Wonderful," Clark whispers as his hands cup Whitney's ass through his boxers, then slip
the last garment off. The dim light of Whitney's desk lamp is enough for Clark to see

"Yes," Whitney agrees, following Clark's lead and removing Clark's boxers. Now they're
both naked and touching.

"How..." Clark finally asks.

Whitney blushes. "I don't know...I don't...we can't..."

"Not yet," Clark agrees, they have to find out how, and though the theory is there...no.
"Let's just...do what feels right?" he suggests, blushing deeply.

"I like that idea," Whitney smiles and tentatively licks Clark's nipple. Clark arches into
the touch, it feels amazing.

"Yes..." he whispers.

Whitney is gentle, mouthing Clark's nipples, never biting, just sucking and licking and
driving Clark wild. Not too wild, Clark knows he can't let himself go as much as Whitney
can, but he can enjoy what Whitney's doing to him...

"Just lay back, Clark," Whitney murmurs into his chest. "It'll be my turn soon."

Clark obeys, letting Whitney touch him as he will. He watches as Whitney looks up at
him with a crooked smile, falling into Whitney's eyes. He's never felt like this before.
He'd like to say so much right now, but he can't form words.

Whitney's licking his stomach now, and Clark likes it, even though he's not really feeling
anything. It's more the feeling of Whitney touching him than what he's doing, until
Whitney licks a long, slow stripe along Clark's cock. His hips buck then, and Clark
moans. "More..."

That smile is still on Whitney's lips as he licks Clark's cock, gentle at first. "Not going to
suck yet," Whitney murmurs. "We have plenty of time..."

Clark knows somehow that he's right. And slow is good. Especially when slow means
Whitney's tongue is bathing his balls and he's feeling more amazing than he ever has and
then he's coming, and as he shudders through his orgasm, he feels Whitney move up to
take him in his arms.

"Wow," Clark says when he can talk again. "I never...with anyone..."

"It was good?" Whitney smiles.

"Oh, yeah," Clark smiles back. "Just...I don't know if I can...do all that..."

"We have plenty of time," Whitney says, again. "If you just want to watch me?"

"No, I think I can handle more than that," Clark grins and kisses Whitney, grinding
against him a little. "Just...not all you did."

"Whatever," Whitney gasps as Clark's fingers play with his nipples. Clark doesn't spend
much time there, though, his hand slides down Whitney's stomach and wraps around his

Clearly Whitney approves, as he moans Clark's name loudly. Clark tightens his fingers
just a little and strokes up and down Whitney's cock, just like he does to himself. A few
strokes is all it takes, and Whitney's coming, shuddering in Clark's arms.

While Whitney recovers, Clark goes into the bathroom and finds a couple of washcloths,
cleaning himself, then going back to Whitney to gently sponge him clean.

"Hey," Whitney says. "Thanks. For...everything."

"My pleasure," Clark smiles.

"I've never felt like this. Ever," Whitney looks signifcantly at Clark. "With anyone."

"Not even Lana?" Clark knows what Whitney means, but he needs to hear the words.

"No," Whitney says.

"We should tell her," Clark says.

"Tomorrow," Whitney whispers, pulling Clark down to lie beside him. "Tonight is
ours..." and he kisses Clark again.

The End...or the beginning?


The choices - the one chosen is bolded.

Part One:

A) Martha opens the door to call Clark for dinner, and sees him jerking off.
B) Whitney calls Clark and his voice gets Clark off without him (Whitney)

C) Same as B, but it's Chloe, not Whitney.

Part Two:

When Clark goes over to Lex's:

A: Clark asks Lex about the football team, and leaves quickly, though he sneaks in a
hug. He then goes to see Whitney.

B: Clark sees Lex and Victoria having sex and watches via X-Ray vision. It will be an
accidental situation - at least at first. Jerking off optional, but will probably happen.
C: Clark's fantasy (the one with Lex and Victoria) happens. Circumstances will probably
be a little different to the fantasy - there will have to be a reason for it.

Part Three:

A: Clark tells them that he likes Whitney that way. He and Whitney realise they want to
explore this but with the possibility of Lana joining them later.
B. Clark tells them that he likes them both and they explore this.
C. Lana tells them to explore their feelings, see if it's more. She leaves them alone
and it turns out that their feelings for each other are deeper than their feelings for her, but
they will let her down gently.