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  Aelora (Challenge 4)

Annie (Challenges 3, 6)

Apathy (Challenges 3, 5)


Cassalexandra (Challenge 6)

Chasethecat (Challenge 4)

CJ has a deep affinity for alien!Clark in the Smallville fandom, reads Sci Fi books that make the weak among us blanch and is busy making a go of it as a writer so she doesn't have time for such things as updating her website. You'll find her Smallville fic up at the SSA though. (Challenges 2, 3)

Edgecity (Challenge 6)

HYPERFocused (Challenge 4)

Joanne Collins (Challenge 6)

Madelyn is something of a community whore, and would be the person who took an ungodly amount of time to sit down and get this simple archive up. (Challenges 1, 3, 4)

Sage is relatively new to fiction-writing and still extremely new to fanfic (though there's a poetry degree stuck to the wall over her shoulder). She writes primarily Smallville, but has begun to dip a toe into DC. (Yay superheroes!)  Also, she obsesses over comics, reads across fandoms, watches as little television as fandom permits, misses Angel, loves good meta, adores feedback, and does her best to encourage everyone's creative process. (Challenge 4)

Shellah (Challenges 3, 4)


Tamalinn fka fizzabith, underwent a name change operation sometime in the middle of 2004. While she does still wade around in the Smallville fandom, she can more often be found selling vitamins to victims of scurvy or rickets.  She also recently purchased Drop Dead Gorgeous, but has yet to find the time to actually watch it. (Challenge 4)

Yavannauk (Challenges 2, 4)





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