Club Night (complete)
Fandom: [info]mark_aus
Title: Club Night
Author: Casey Sullivan
Category: Angst, Romance, Suspense
Rating: R
Pairing: Mark/Nick
Summary: Mark's plans for a night out clubbing with a friend are interrupted by an unexpected accusation.
Challenge: Choose your own adventure ([info]fandompoolside)

Club Night

Stepping out of the dormitory shower, Mark wrapped a towel around his hips, holding it in place with one hand as he used his other hand to carry his things back to his room. He acknowledged a few people on the way to his room, then shut the door behind him with his foot. Once he'd set everything down, Mark locked the door. He didn't usually lock the door, but he was going to be using the mirror on the door and would rather not have someone accidentally open the door in his face when there was a pencil in the general vicinity of his eye. Of course he could have used the mirror over the dresser, but he couldn't get as close that way.

With some Lenny Kravitz on in the background, Mark started getting ready for his night out. Gray-green eyeshadow first, enough color to accentuate the green in his mood eyes. Eyeliner next, steady swipes to his upper eyelids and a lighter touch to the lower eyelids, followed by mascara. The lip liner and lip color emphasized the fullness of his lips, something for which he'd been teased in high school but now used to his advantage. He applied a light layer of blush before his favorite part, the glitter. Evenly over each cheek, a hint on his lips, and a thick line of glitter down the center of his chest and abdomen to just above his belly button.

Now that he was done with makeup, Mark tried to decide what to wear. Something tight and masculine to set off the femininity of his face. That always garnered an interesting reaction. Just as he was dropping his towel, there was a knock at the door.

Nick must be early. Tightening the towel around his waist, Mark held the ends together in one fist, sarcastic comment at the ready.


Choice B


Still, he was looking forward to seeing Nick. Since he was early, they might even get a chance to do some pre-clubbing stress-relief. The thought made him half-hard, but not much more because he'd already gotten off in the shower.

The sarcastic remark lodged in his throat when he opened the door and found not Nick, but two ECPD officers. These weren't the campus police. Mark knew the difference.

"Uh, can I help you?" Very nice, Mark. Why don't you invite them inside for some beer? Shit, did he have beer in his room? Or had they finished the six-pack last night? The campus cops would let him get away with underage drinking, but these guys probably wouldn't. They looked... stern.

"Mark Allison?" Mark glanced at the door, which had his name on it for the year, and nodded. Top investigative work. Only maybe sarcasm was a bad idea when there were two cops looking at you like you might be a serial killer. Don't worry, officers, I'm not going anywhere in this towel. "I'm officer Williams, and this is officer Lipinski." Their badges were out. This must be serious. "Want to tell us where you were last night?"

He couldn't exactly tell them he and two of his underage friends were getting drunk in his room. "In my room..." Because that was the truth. Enough, anyway.

"Do you have anyone who can verify that?"

"Uh, my friends, Nick and Dave. Is there a problem?" He wasn't sure it was the best idea to give Nick and Dave as his witnesses, but it was better than being taken in for questioning.

"There is. Last night..." Williams paused to glance at his partner.



Choice B


"Professor Hicks was found beaten. He's in the hospital now, says you were the perp. Apparently you were dating his son?"

Hicks? He didn't recognize the name. Although if a professor had a son on campus, and the son was gay or at least bi, Mark had probably blown him once or twice. Hicks, though... "I don't date." That might give him some time to think. Both officers looked at him skeptically, but Lipinski seemed particularly skeptical about Mark's state of undress, which he'd already forgotten. Modeling nude so many hours, not to mention how much of a showman he was when it came to sex, had destroyed any lingering modesty he might have had.

Mark considered asking for a moment to change, but they'd probably be suspicious of him closing the door on them. Instead, he turned around to put a t-shirt on, and shimmied into a pair of jeans under the towel. When he faced the officers again they looked impatient.

"Regardless of whether or not you date, Professor Hicks claims you're the man who assaulted him. Why would he accuse you if you weren't there?" Lipinski was practically growling.

"I don't know." Mark picked up the watch he'd taken off before taking a shower and fastened it around his wrist, glancing at the face. Nick would be over any minute. "I don't know how to convince you it wasn't me, but my friend Nick is going to be here in a few minutes."

"Is this the same Nick that was with you last night?"

"Yeah, we had plans to go out. It's why I look like this." Mark indicated the makeup on his face, not sure why he was explaining. He knew it looked weird with the casual clothes. Either way, the officers didn't seem to care. They glanced at each other for a second, and seemed to have a conversation with their eyes.

"Mr. Allison, we're going to ask you to participate in a lineup. If Hicks doesn't identify you, you're free to go. If he does... you're going to have some explaining to do."

Williams and Lipinski looked down the hall at the same time, and Mark vaguely wondered if they were sleeping together. He barely had time to form the thought before Nick appeared in front of the doorway, his serious expression a contrast to the clothes and makeup chosen for a carefree night at the club. "What's going on here?"

Mark didn't give the officers a chance to answer - they'd be vague and not at all informative. "Someone says I beat him up last night, professor Hicks. I've never even heard of him."

"Professor Hicks?" Nick ignored the officers, who were regarding him with equal suspicion. Besides his shorter hair and squarer face, Nick's body type was very similar to Mark's and in the dark, could even be mistaken for Mark.

"You know him?" At least, that was what the look on Nick's face would suggest. Nick nodded. Finally, some answers. "How?"


Choice C


Nick bit his lower lip and looked at the ceiling before he answered. "Professor Hicks is my father."

Mark's eyes flickered from Nick to Williams to Lipinski and back to Nick. He and Nick weren't exactly a couple, they weren't even exclusive, but he should've known if Nick's father was a professor on campus. "But you're Nick Petrovski, not Nick Hicks." And in spite of the seriousness of the situation, Mark snickered at the thought of Nick Hicks. How could he not?

"No," Nick answered with a tolerant smile, "but I use my mother's name, not my father's. My parents are divorced."


"Yeah, I see him every few months. Mom didn't want me to go to school with him here but it was close and I could afford it. It's not like I used his name or anything. Besides, he teaches politics, and I don't take any of those classes."

"Mr. Allison." Lipinski was looking impatient again, or still. "If you'll come down to the station with us, we can get the lineup over with."

"Wait a minute." Nick had turned to the officers and was gesturing with his hands a little as he spoke. "Do we really have to do that?" His moving arms made the muscles bunch under his tight black muscle shirt, and Mark had to talk himself out of picturing fucking Nick right here and now. That would definitely be a lot more pleasant than this. "Let me talk to my dad first, see what happened."

"You were here last night?" It was more of a confirmation question than a new question, Mark thought. Nick nodded. "Can you tell me what time that was?"

Nick was quiet for a few seconds, but he didn't turn around to check with Mark. That had to look good. "We came back here around ten, stayed up till about four. Mark and I walked Dave to class at eight and had breakfast together, then we both had class at nine."

Williams and Lipinski looked at each other and nodded, and again Mark wondered if they were sleeping together. "Professor Hicks was attacked on the way to his car at midnight. But we still need to verify your story."

"What do you need me to do?"

They ended up going to Dave's apartment, a walk the three of them had taken plenty of times, but the cops made them ride in the back of the squad car. It was Mark's first time in the back of a squad car, and if he hadn't been so worried about whether or not he'd be going to jail, he would've enjoyed being in such close quarters with Nick, and in the dark. When they got there, the lights were on in Dave's half of the townhouse.

When they knocked on the door, though, Dave didn't answer. The door was unlocked, so the officers walked inside - something Mark normally wouldn't have done. But this was an investigation that would hopefully clear him of Professor Hicks' assault.

Dave wasn't in the kitchen. Lipinski stayed with Mark and Nick while Williams searched the apartment.


Even though he knew he hadn't done anything, Mark was nervous. Nick was doing a good job of staying calm, though. Mark wondered if anything showed on his own face.

Williams came down the stairs then and joined them in the kitchen. "He'll be with us in a minute."

Sure enough, a few seconds later, Dave came trotting down the stairs, tucking his shirt in... followed by another guy Mark didn't recognize. Dave introduced him as Kyle, then went through the same series of questions Mark and Nick had been asked - what were they doing last night, when, and so on. To Mark's relief, Dave didn't mention that they'd been drinking. He wasn't just worried about the underage thing anymore - it would be too easy for the cops to think they'd gotten drunk and then decided to rough up some random guy. But Mark knew that hadn't happened. He'd been careful, hadn't drunk enough to have a blackout. He remembered every detail last night, including the ten minutes he and Nick had made out while Dave was passed out. Needless to say, they'd both had to change their boxers the next morning.

Dave was still talking, and Williams was nodding along. Things were looking like they might be okay, actually. Lipinski... looked bored, and Nick was standing pretty close. Kyle was hanging back, leaning against the wall. Dave was the only person talking, and when he stopped, Williams nodded one more time and turned to Mark and Nick.

"Okay, guys. Here's the deal."


Choice B


"Your stories match, but we're still going to have to take you in."

"What? Why?" Everyone looked at Nick, but no one wanted to say anything. No one except Lipinski.

"We need to take your statements. Then you'll be free to go, for the time being."

Nick looked like he wanted to ask what 'the time being' meant, but Mark put a hand on his arm. Better to cooperate and get it over with.

The three of them were regulated to the back of the squad car, even though Dave had a car, in which Kyle followed them. It was even more crowded with Dave in there. Mark was pressed against the driver's side door, Nick in the middle. The drive to the station was already longer than the one from the campus to Dave's place. Mark stared out the window and was a little startled when Nick took his hand.

Nick's eyes glittered reflections of the streetlights, and his face was unreadable. Turning back to the window, Mark tried to figure out what to do with his hand. He never held hands. No one had ever held his.

Mark looked at Nick and nudged his arm. Nick leaned closer, and Mark took the opportunity to ask something he'd almost forgotten about. He kept his voice low so the cops in front couldn't hear him. "Nick... why does your dad think we're dating?"

Nick didn't say anything for a few seconds, and then the car dipped violently when it hit a pothole. Nick let go of Mark's hand. "Later," was all he said. And Mark was left missing Nick's hand in his, and didn't know why.

Several bumpy miles later, they pulled up at the police station. It looked official on the outside and busy and dingy on the inside. They were all brought inside the same room, where they gave their statements again about where they'd been the night before, signed their statements, and were told not to leave town. Then they were free to go, just like Lipinski had said.

Kyle was waiting for them in Dave's car. Nick and Mark sat in back while Dave told Kyle about the ride and the station. They were pulling onto the main road when Nick asked Kyle to drop him off at the hospital.

"I'll go with you." Mark spoke before he even realized what he was doing. Nick looked like he wanted to argue. Mark wasn't surprised. "I want to meet your dad."

Nick didn't seem to know what to say to that. He didn't argue, though.

When they stopped in the hospital parking lot, Dave turned around to say goodbye. "We'll call a cab." Dave nodded, and Mark went to meet Nick where he was standing by the entrance to the hospital.

"I don't know why my dad thought it was you." Mark could barely see Nick's face in the shadows. "I've... mentioned you to him, said you were a friend." Mark nodded, not sure what Nick was getting at. Nick knew he didn't date. He'd been there when Mark had been with other guys. There was no reason for anyone to think they were dating. Of course there had been guys in the past who'd wanted to think they were dating Mark, but he'd been sure Nick wasn't one of them. Nick was... realistic. "I think I talked about you too much. He calls you my boyfriend. He acts like he's joking, but..."

"He's not." Mark nodded and shrugged, leaning against the wall beside Nick. "It's okay. But if you don't want me to meet him...? I mean, if you don't want him to think that we're..."

"Fucking?" It was almost funny to hear the word Mark had tried not to say, only because they hadn't actually fucked - yet? - and because Nick didn't usually talk that way. He and Nick weren't a lot alike when it came to sex, at least the sex they'd had so far, which wasn't much. But Nick liked to make out, and Mark usually managed to turn it into just enough more that they both came, and as long as Nick didn't care about him sleeping with other people, it was a good deal. Even if he did think that sometimes Nick wanted more from him. "I don't care what he thinks."

"Right," Mark said, because Nick said that like someone who was just trying to convince himself. "When does he get out?"

"I don't know, Mark. I found out when you did." Mark took a step back, surprised at the way Nick snapped at him. After a moment of awkward silence, Nick scrubbed a hand through his hair and stepped out of the shadows and in front of the automatic doors. "Look, he's not perfect, no one is. But I don't know why anyone would want to hurt him."

"I don't know either. I don't even *know* your father." Tucking his hands in his pockets, Mark turned away from Nick. "If you don't want me to be here, I won't. I'll leave." When Nick didn't answer, Mark faced him again. "What do you want?"

Nick shook his head and chewed on his lower lip. "I don't know. I don't want to have to be here."

Mark sighed. He should say something. Even though none of this had anything to do with him, except for the fact that he and Nick had spent the last few hours being questioned instead of having fun at a club.

At least Nick had a dad he seemed to like. "We can go if you want. I'll bet a few of the clubs are still open." Mark smiled a little, trying to get a reaction from Nick. Nick finally smiled back.


Choice B


"I don't think I feel like going clubbing anymore." Nick ran a hand over his face and glanced at his watch, then cursed under his breath. "We should get back."

"Back where?"

"To campus." Nick sounded frustrated, even moreso after he looked at Mark. "It's after eleven." Mark wondered if he looked as confused as he looked. "Visiting hours are over?"

It wasn't until Mark remembered that Nick had been supposed to pick him up at ten that the blank look cleared off his face. "Dave and Kyle are going to think we ditched them. Are you sure they won't let us in?"

"I wasn't even thinking about the *time*." Nick didn't seem to have heard what Mark said. "Shit, it's been a long day."

"Yeah." Mark could really see the effect it was having on Nick. He looked tired, worn down. But that couldn't just be from the last hour. Nick was... almost pacing, but not quite, because he was moving too slowly to be pacing. Giving Nick some time to himself, Mark dialed for a cab with his cell phone, then leaned back against the wall again. "When was the last time you talked to him?"

Nick was quiet for a long moment. "You mean my dad?" At Mark's nod, Nick shrugged, and walked over to where Mark was. "I don't know, a few weeks ago. We got into a fight."

As much as Mark wanted to ask what it was about, he didn't. "Is that why you never talk about him?" He reached out and put a hand on Nick's arm, and Nick nodded.

"We just don't get along. He doesn't like that I'm gay and I can't stand it when he tries to put me in the middle of him and Mom. We can't just agree to disagree. He always has to argue."

The walls cast dark shadows on them, so despite the fact that they were in a public place, Mark rested his head against Nick's, their hands brushing. "At least he doesn't hit you." Nick's fingers clenched beside his. "He doesn't, does he?"


Mark knew enough to know that Nick was telling the truth. Returning the gesture from earlier in the squad car, Mark took Nick's hand, not even sure why he was doing it. Nick didn't pull away, and they stood like that, close, holding hands, until the cab showed up.

They didn't hold hands in the cab, and they didn't talk. Mark had the driver drop them off at his dorm, and paid with the money he'd been planning to use for the club. He felt he should call Dave and explain, but he was probably alone with Kyle. The call could wait for tomorrow.

With a silent understanding, Nick followed Mark up to his room. They were both still made up for the club, only Mark wearing his casual clothes, the night lost to the investigation. Mark's stereo was still on, but the CD had reached its end, and the room was quiet other than the echoes of pounding music from the adjacent rooms.

Nick was standing in front of the mirror, trying to rub off some of the makeup. "You know, you can go ahead and take a shower if you want." Nick stared into the mirror some more, then turned around to look at Mark.

"You have anything else I can wear? I don't want to sleep in th..." Nick trailed off, as if he were unsure about his invitation to spend the night. Looking down at his clubbing clothes, Nick seemed to forget what he'd just been talking about. "Can you imagine if my dad saw me in this? He'd never talk to me again."

Instead of responding, Mark concentrated on finding a pair of jeans and a shirt for Nick. "I don't know if these will fit you," he said as he handed Nick the jeans, "I'm a little taller than you."

"I'll find out." Nick was grinning now, apparently glad that they'd changed the subject. Taking the towel Mark handed him, Nick added it to his pile, but didn't move away. "Want to join me?"

Nick was asking him to join him for a shower? Mark was surprised, and not just because Nick's father was in the hospital. "If they catch us, they'll kick me out of the dorm."

"They really do that?"

"Yeah." It was hard to carry on a conversation when Nick was stripping right in front of him. But Nick had had a long day, and probably didn't feel like sex, so Mark should just behave himself. Except, of course, the invitation to join him in the shower could be interpreted as... "They kicked out... some girl, I don't remember her name... she's across campus now." Nick wasn't wearing anything but his towel now, and Mark's eyes were fixed on a sparkle of glitter low on Nick's stomach. "But hey, I know the SA. Even if we get in trouble I can get us out." Mark grinned.

"Of course." Before Mark could register the new look on Nick's face, Nick threw a towel at him and opened the door. "See you there."

By the time Mark was undressed and had made his way to the dorm's bathroom, all the showers were taken. Fortunately, no one had a towel like his, so it was easy to find the shower Nick was in. Pushing aside the outer curtain, Mark dropped his towel over the one Nick had taken, then eased through the inner curtain. He was immediately assaulted with cold water, Nick's back to him. "What was that about?"

Nick turned around carefully, reaching past Mark for the soap. "Do you want everyone to hear us?" Mark opened his mouth to apologize, but Nick interrupted him. "Oh, you probably do. So you can 'get us out of trouble'."

"Nick?" Nick turned away again, and Mark was at a loss between trying to figure when Nick had gotten possessive and trying not to think about how close and warm and wet Nick was. Despite all that, it was hard to keep the incredulity out of his voice. "Are you jealous?"

The muscles in Nick's back clenched, and Mark reached out his hand, trying to catch Nick's as he tried to wash his chest. Nick finally stilled, soap suds running between their fingers until there was nothing but soap and hands and water. "I knew what I was getting into when I started sleeping with you." His voice was so low Mark could barely hear it under the pounding of the water. In the monotony of the beating water, he realized how close they'd gotten, his fingers between Nick's, his chest flush to Nick's back. "I don't *want* to share you with other guys. But I know how you are. And I'd rather share you than not have you at all."

More than a little uncomfortable with Nick's declaration, Mark tried to lighten the moment. "You share me with girls too." It was apparently the wrong thing to say, because Nick moved away, dropping his hand to his side, pressing his forehead to the wall. "Sorry."

"Don't." Nick's face was blank, his thumbnail carving slivers out of the soap. "I shouldn't have said anything. Okay?"

"Okay." It wasn't okay. No one had ever even hinted at wanting an exclusive relationship with him. He'd made very sure not to let anyone that close. "So what do you want me to do, not tell you when I sleep with other people?"

"No, I want... it doesn't matter."

Nick was obviously lying. Moving in closer, Mark kissed the back of Nick's neck, reaching for his hand again. "I really like you, Nick." Nick's mouth smothered the inevitable 'but'. They were so close Mark couldn't not grind into Nick. Nick was hard already, and Mark was getting there. Fast. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Nick murmured, wrapping his arms around Mark's back. "No way I'm letting you go when I have you all to myself."

Mark decided it wasn't the time to argue.


One Week Later

The club was dark and loud, but Mark's focus was completely on Nick as they danced. Dancers jostled them from both sides, and a few had even tried to join them and bring them to a back room. Mark had accepted offers like that before, both when he'd come to the club alone and with someone, but he'd already made the decision to spend his time with Nick alone with Nick. It was nice being with someone who didn't want to share him.

Nick didn't mind getting close when they danced either. He had this way of putting his arms around Mark's neck, holding him so close Mark could feel him through their pants. Nick was reserved in some ways, but not here. Not with the lights low and the music loud. Grabbing handfuls of shirt, Mark kissed him, hard, swaying with the beat and pulling back, frustrated, when more people bumped into them.

They both laughed, Nick's fingers tangling in the hair at the nape of Mark's neck as they stood forehead-to-forehead. "Think this might be easier somewhere else?"

Mark grinned. "My new dorm room?"

Laughing, Nick backed them toward the exit, ignoring the bouncer as he backed out the door with Mark. "Works for me." They were almost to Nick's car when Nick answered his cell phone.

Mark made a concerted effort not to eavesdrop as he turned around, taking a second to realize that Nick's phone must have buzzed instead of ringing. With those tight pants... well, it would have been easy for Nick to feel it. Mark slid into the passenger seat, stretching out as he waited for Nick to join him in the car. "Can you believe it, that was my dad. They caught the guy who attacked him last week."

"Oh yeah? What happened?"


Choice B


Nick tucked the cell back in his pocket before he started the car. "Well, whoever beat my dad up also stole his wallet. Which is bad, but..." Nick waited for a line of cars to go by before turning out of the parking lot. "It's actually how they caught him. After he got out of the hospital, my dad cancelled all his credit cards, and the mugger used one of them. They were able to trace it."

"Mugger?" Mark had never known anyone who'd been mugged. Well, he still didn't, since he didn't really know Professor Hicks. But he heard about it happening a lot. "So why did he say it was me?"

Nick was quiet for a long time. Pretending to pay attention to traffic, but Mark knew he could drive these streets with his eyes closed. In theory, anyway. "He didn't tell me." Given the relationship Nick seemed to have with his father, Mark wasn't surprised. He had the idea that Nick tried to avoid the subject of his 'boyfriends' with his father. "But when I went to go see him..."

Nick had gone to see his father in the hospital Saturday, and hadn't mentioned it until after. Even then, he'd been vague about what happened during the visit. Mark wasn't sure if he should even ask. "What?"

"I may have implied that you weren't too happy with his opinion of my love life." Mark blinked. Nick shook his head and slowed down for a red light, looking at Mark when the car was stopped. "Before. Not when he was in the hospital."

"So he-"

"He thought you had something against him. I'm sorry." Nick looked forward again when the light turned green and repeated, "I'm sorry."

"But I never even-"

"I know. And I never talked to you about him either. I just. I just did it to piss him off."

Mark wasn't sure what to say. Nick had used him, used his name, to get back at his father. Which ended up with him almost being arrested. "So, what. You couldn't stand up for yourself so you told him off through me? Right?" The thing was, he couldn't really blame Nick if that was the case. Sometimes it was easier to stand up to someone if you had support, even if that support was imagined.

It didn't mean he appreciated it, though. In fact, he was a little mad.

"I'm sorry." Couldn't Nick say anything else? "I didn't think it would mean anything."

"How could it not mean anything?" Mark turned to look out the window, but he could still hear Nick tapping his fingers against the steering wheel, the way he did when he got uncomfortable. Not surprising, really. When Nick hadn't answered for a while, Mark tried to fill the silence. "You think your dad said it was me to get back at me?" It seemed petty, especially for a professor. But not impossible.

"Not... completely." Nick sounded like he had his doubts, but at least he was talking. "I kind of showed him your picture a few times. He knew what you looked like." Nick sounded almost embarrassed. He should be, Mark thought. He'd told his father all about Mark but Mark didn't know anything about Nick's dad. "The guy who mugged him looked kind of like you, you know, dark hair, same kind of face. I guess you're the only person he knows who looks like that."

"You mean hot?" Mark wasn't sure how he was able to joke after everything Nick had just told him. However he did it, it seemed to lighten the moment.

"I don't really think my dad thinks any guys are hot. But thanks a lot for that image." Nick laughed, and Mark realized he'd been holding his breath. After a second he laughed along with Nick.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to traumatize you." Turning away from the window, Mark grinned at Nick, who shrugged and took a hard right.

"'sokay, I probably deserved it." Serious again, Nick stared ahead, yellow and white lines illuminated by the headlights as he drove. He started to say something else as pulled up in front of one of the central dorms, but Mark interrupted him.

"Where are you going? This is my old dorm."

Nick frowned - he was cute when he did that - then put the car in reverse and shook his head. "Right, you moved."

Mark rolled his eyes. "Yeah, thanks to you." Nick started tapping his fingers on the steering wheel again, only to stop when he realized that Mark was grinning. "Look, I understand why you said what you did." Sighing, Mark rested his forehead against the cool glass of the window. It was said and done; there was no reason to hold it against Nick. "Next time you need some support, just tell me. I'll be behind you." Hopefully the innuendo covered up any possible sentimentality that might have been allowed to show.

Nick understood - that the conversation was over, that Mark wanted to pretend the conversation hadn't happened - because he smiled and said, "I hope you'll be behind me anyway."

Mark grinned as they pulled into a parking space in front of his new dorm. "Don't worry, I will." Nick followed Mark to his new room so he could prove it.

the end

Part 1 - Who is at the door?
  1. Mark's hot date Nick
  2. The cops, wanting to know where Mark was last night
  3. Mark's ex-lover Ali with some surprising news

Part 2 - What do the cops say?

  1. "Someone robbed the convenience store on campus. They stole all the condoms and beer."
  2. "Professor Hicks was found beaten. He's in the hospital now, says you were the perp. Apparently you were dating his son?"
  3. "Your friend Nick was murdered."

Part 3 - What does Nick say?

  1. Nick shrugged. "Well, I don't know him personally. But I know some people who have him for politics and apparently... he's really conservative."
  2. Nick nodded again. "Yeah, I have a philosophy class with him. I'm not surprised he got beaten up. He has some really controversial ideas."
  3. Nick bit his tongue and looked at the ceiling before he answered. "Professor Hicks is my father."

Part 4 - Where is Dave?

  1. Dave is doing homework in the den.
  2. Dave is on the floor in the living room and has been beaten up.
  3. Dave is in the bedroom upstairs having sex.

Part 5 - How does Williams continue?

  1. "Your stories all match, and since Professor Hicks has never met Mark in person, it's more likely than not that it wasn't you. You're free to go, but stick around town in case we have any more questions."
  2. "Your stories match, but we're still going to have to take you in."
  3. Other possibilities.

Part 6 - What does Nick say?

  1. "I don't think I feel like going clubbing tonight." (followed by them going to see Nick's dad)
  2. "I don't think I feel like clubbing tonight. Why don't we go back to campus instead?"
  3. "Actually, I think that would be better. I don't know what I'd say to my dad anyway."

Part 7 - What happened?

  1. Professor Hicks owed money to a drug dealer, and thugs beat him since he hadn't paid them yet.
  2. Professor Hicks was the victim of a random mugging.
  3. Professor Hicks was beaten up by someone he'd come on to, proving that Hicks is not, in fact, homophobic, but instead in denial.