Title: Another Place And Time
Fandom: Spiderman The Movie (the first one)
Pairing: Peter Parker/Norman Osborn
Author: Joanne Collins
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Notes: This story is AU. Peter is still Spider-Man, but
Norman did not swallow the serum and is neither insane, nor the Green Goblin. I am
endeavoring to keep Norman IC with this exception, though.
Disclaimer: I do not own these lovely characters, Stan Lee and Marvel and Sam Raimi do.

Peter gasped as Norman pushed him against the office door and kissed him. No, that was too
mild. Ravished his mouth was more like it. He loved this, Norman's lips hot against his, tongues
meeting, teeth almost clashing.

"So, I should come meet you for lunch more often?" Peter teased as Norman abandoned his lips to trail kisses over his jawline. "Ooooh," he said as Norman licked at his earlobe, then he cut off his moan as he realised that maybe someone could hear them.

"Uh, Norman, can people hear us?" Peter asked.

Pausing in his unbuttoning of Peter's shirt, Norman said: "No. Be as loud as you were last night if you like."

Peter's moans started again, and he managed to start unbuttoning Norman's shirt. He was tempted to tear it off, but he knew how much it had cost, and even though Norman could afford a thousand of them, he was still reluctant to waste a perfectly good shirt. Especially one that brought out the reddish highlights in Norman's hair.


Finally, Peter got the shirt off and was touching Norman's skin. He loved how Norman hissed when Peter's fingers brushed over his nipples. Peter was quite proud of the reactions he could get out of his older lover, he had been almost completely inexperienced when this had started, but now he knew Norman's body almost as well as his own.

"So. Fucking. Hot," Peter whispered into Norman's ear. He'd never thought he'd find a man attractive, but Norman was different. It wasn't the male beauty Harry had, which Peter had always appreciated aesthetically - and a little enviously, but it drove Peter out of his mind. Just thinking of Norman, naked and sweating with passion was enough to get Peter off sometimes.

"You are," Norman groaned into his ear.

Peter blushed and unlooped Norman's belt. He ran the soft leather through his fingers considering, but he put it aside and rubbed Norman's cock through his trousers.

"Peter!" Norman's voice was strangled.

"Yes?" Peter looked at Norman through his eyelashes, feeling Norman's cock twitch as their eyes met. "You want something?"

"Tease," Norman ground out. "Fucking tease. I thought I taught you more than that."

"I did, I just like making it last," Peter murmured. "I love seeing you like this. So damn desperate for me. Just me..."

"Just you, Peter," Norman moaned, thrusting against Peter's hand.

Peter took pity on him and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. "Can't have you coming in these," he murmured before gently licking the head of Norman's cock.

"Yesssss..." Norman moaned.

Smiling, Peter wrapped his lips around the head of Norman's cock and began to suck. He was
completely intent on the task, and Norman was moaning so loudly, neither of them heard the door open.

"What the fuck...Dad? Oh, my god, Peter?"

Norman went still and silent, and Peter could feel the blood rushing to his face. He let Norman's cock slip out of his mouth and turned around.

"Uh...Harry...I can explain..."



"This had better be fucking good," Harry said, sitting on the edge of a chair as Peter and
Norman got back into their clothes.

"I'm still your father, Harry, you will treat me with respect," Norman replied, sitting at his desk.

"How did this...happen?" Harry was shaking his head in disbelief. "Peter, I thought you were in
love with..."

"MJ? Norman knows all about it," Peter answered. "And you said it right. I *was* in love with

"Peter...I never thought you were gay. And Dad..."

"This was a shock for us, too," Norman said. "We've had more time to get used to it. But I am
not gay. I won't speak for Peter, of course."

"I'm in love with Nor - your father," Peter said. "I don't know if it is just him, or if I'm attracted
to men. I've never been with - or wanted to be with - another man."

"What about you, Dad?" Harry asked.

"I feel the same way about Peter," Norman said, his blue eyes softer than usual. "I love him."

"Is Peter the first man you've been with?" Harry asked.

"No," Norman said. "Before your mother, when I was younger, there was someone. It could
have been more, but I was so busy with work, and he met someone else..." Norman's eyes
looked far away. "Until Peter, there was no one..."

"Okay..." Harry didn't look much happier.

"I know it's a shock, Harry," Peter said.

"Well, yes, finding my best friend on his knees...with my *father*," Harry said. "I just...I don't
know how I'm going to get my head around this."

"You don't have to, right now," Norman said.


"Harry, you need time. *We* needed time to adjust to our feelings, it's no surprise that you do
too," Norman put his hand on Harry's, and gave Peter a quick, pleased look when Harry didn't
move away.

"I...guess," Harry said.

"So, what do we do now?" Peter asked.


"I do need time," Harry said. "Like you said, Dad, you've both had time to get used to it."

"You've no idea how difficult it was," Peter said. "Keeping it from you. I wanted to talk to you about it so many times, but how could I? It was your father."

Harry couldn't help a smile, though it was sympathetic. "Yeah, I can imagine. I wish I could have helped."

"You do?" Peter asked.

"Of course I do, you're my best friend," Harry answered. Then his cell phone rang. "Just a second. Hello?"

Peter and Norman exchanged glances as Harry talked.

"Sorry, I have to go," Harry said.

"Harry..." Norman began.

"It's...it will be okay," Harry said quietly. "Just give me some time. And hey, Pete?"

"Yes?" Peter said.

"I guess this means I can go for it with MJ?"

"I hope you can," Peter smiled.

"We'll talk soon," Harry said to them. "Dinner tonight?"

"Yes," Norman said.

"Later," Harry was out the door.

Peter and Norman just looked at each other then, and after a moment, Peter's mouth quirked in a smile and then they were both laughing.

"That really isn't the way I wanted Harry to find out," Norman said.

"Nor me," Peter agreed, moving to kiss Norman now they were alone again. "But it's how it happened. Damn..." he looked at his watch.

"What's wrong?" Norman kissed him deeply.

"God, don't..." Peter moaned. "I have to get back to work..."

"What? But..."

"I have to be at the Hilton for a press conference, some bigwig. Jameson's cracking the whip. And not in the good way. "

Norman smirked at the reference. "I would hope not. Do you think an exclusive with the head of Oscorp Industries might be enough for Jameson to buy you not making it?"

"What are you suggesting?" Peter looked at Norman wickedly.

"That I call Jameson, say I'm giving you an exclusive, and we get the rest of the afternoon together. I'm sure you can come up with enough pictures of me to use that haven't been used yet. You practice enough on me."

"Well, yes. I'll just have to make sure I don't accidentally include some of the private shots, though...imagine the people who'd be beating down your door if they got a look at this..." Peter stroked Norman's cock firmly through his pants.

"Fuck..." Norman moaned. "As long as you keep doing that, they can look all they want, I only want you..."

Peter didn't answer, just looking up at Norman while he unbuttoned his pants. "Better make that call, or we'll be too busy, and you don't want me to get in trouble, do you?"

"Definitely not," Norman said, wriggling when Peter's fingers tickled him a little. He picked up the phone and dialled the number Peter gave to him.

Kneeling on the floor, Peter took Norman's socks off, then eased his pants down. He kissed the inside of Norman's ankle once he threw the pants aside and listened to Norman speaking to Jameson. Then he slowly licked up Norman's calf, grinning at the cut-off exclamation. He could hear Norman being completely professional on the phone, but he could feel the tension in Norman's legs as he touched them, seemingly innocent.

It seemed that Jameson was taking a little persuasion, as Norman was still on the phone by the time Peter's hands rested on his knees and slowly eased them apart. He tried to keep them together, but Peter knew exactly the spot to lick to make Norman spread his legs so Peter could sit between them comfortably. Another noise was caused by the lick.

For a moment, Peter wondered how Norman could be so calm, at least outwardly, but he knew his lover was used to a mask of propriety. And this *was* about making Norman as crazy as possible without Jameson having an inkling. If Norman actually did want him to stop, he'd let Peter know. Peter grinned and licked softly at the head of Norman's cock, tasting the precome. He could feel Norman shudder as he sucked gently on the head, massaging his balls. Just this was more than enough to make Norman come, Peter knew. But he had much more wicked ideas in mind.

Slowly, Peter pulled Norman forward in his chair, nuzzling his balls and inhaling his scent. Then, slowly, Peter licked Norman's perineum, and further back, teasing his hole. Peter was so caught up, he didn't hear Norman finishing his conversation with Jameson and putting the phone down. It was a shock when Norman pulled his chair back and leaned down, grinning at Peter.

"Much as I love your tongue, don't you think it would be far more comfortable if we moved to the couch?"

"Yeah," Peter grinned once he was over the shock. "Get over there so I can tongue-fuck your ass the way you like it."

"Feeling dominant, are we?" Norman asked, squeezing Peter's cock through his jeans.

"A little...you like it."

"I do," Norman said, helping Peter out of his jeans and shirt, then kneeling for a moment, nuzzled Peter's cock. "You've learned well, Peter."

"I want to be what you want, what you need," Peter said, stroking Norman's hair.

"Just being you is everything I could ever want," Norman said. "Everything."

Peter smiled. "Couch. Now."

Norman smiled and stood up, taking Peter's hand. "All right..."

"I'm going to torture you, you know," Peter grinned as they walked the few steps.

"Bring it on," Norman said, laying on the couch.

Peter just looked at him for a moment, lying there, legs spread, ass just waiting for his touch. He knelt behind Norman, hands rubbing the tension out of his back.

"So Jameson bought it?" he asked. "I didn't really hear too much of the conversation..."

"Really?" Norman's tone was as dry as dust. "I can't imagine why. And yes, he bought it."

"Can I help it if your cock is so distracting?" Peter replied, easing Norman's hips up a little. "Not to mention your legs, your ass..." His finger slowly rubbed the cleft as he talked.

Norman turned to look at Peter, eyes blazing. "Didn't you say something about tongue-fucking my ass?"

"When I'm ready," Peter said. "When I've tortured you enough."

Groaning, Norman turned back, pillowing his head on his arms as Peter's finger stroked his cleft again, teasingly.

With a grin Norman couldn't see, Peter settled on his knees and started licking the small of Norman's back. He remembered for a moment how he'd been a little unsure of this when Norman had first suggested it to him, but now he loved doing it to Norman or having it done to him. His tongue slowly licked down to Norman's ass, settling into the cleft and opening him, slowly.

"God, Peter..." Norman's cries were almost incoherent after the first words, as always. Peter kept licking, loving the taste. "So good..."

After a few moments, Peter stopped, to a moan of protest. "Shhh," he soothed Norman. "Want to fuck you." Looking around for where he'd tossed his jacket, Peter found it and took the tube of lube he'd started keeping in the pocket out.

"Someone's prepared," Norman teased.

"I have this gorgeous lover who I sometimes see unexpectedly," Peter said. "Only makes sense to be able to fuck him when I do..."

Standing there, Peter stroked his cock, looking into Norman's eyes, seeing them darken more with lust. He squeezed some lube onto his fingers and slicked it over himself.

"How'd I ever get so lucky?" Norman breathed. "You're...everything."

"You are to me too," Peter said, moving to kiss Norman tenderly. "You've done so much for me. Helping me through Uncle Ben's death and everything else."

"It's nothing," Norman buried his face in Peter's shoulder. "I just love you."

"Then it's everything," Peter said, kissing Norman as he started exploring Norman's hole with his lube-slick fingers.

"Peter, please..." Norman moaned. "I don't think I can wait much longer..."

Adding another finger, Peter looked at Norman. "Just like this..." He removed his fingers, but before Norman could protest, he'd spooned behind Norman, his cock easing inside. Norman was so hot and tight, Peter almost came just from that, but he did scientific theories in his head and managed to hold off. He began to thrust slowly, causing Norman to cry out in pleasure. Norman liked when he took it slow. His hand stroked Norman's cock the same way, slow, unhurried for the moment. They had all the time in the world.

Until Norman clenched around him and Peter started thrusting faster, fucking Norman the other way he liked it, hard, fast and hot.

"Oh, god..." Norman groaned and came into Peter's hand. Peter thrust a few more times and came, deep inside Norman. It was as wonderful as it was every time they were together.

Easing out of Norman, Peter whispered in his ear. "I love you."

"You too," Norman said, kissing Peter. They were far beyond the necessity of strict reciprocation of the words every time, and Peter loved that too.

"We're sticky," Peter said, not making any attempt to move.

"We are," Norman agreed. "But I have a bathroom..."

"You probably have a whole apartment. With a bed," Peter laughed.

"Well, actually, one floor down..." Norman smiled. "I just...couldn't wait."

"You think I could?" Peter asked, stretching as he got up, deliberately giving Norman a good look at his ass.

"Next time," Norman said.

"Sure," Peter nodded, smiling, knowing that they'd probably end up fucking right here on the couch again.

"Or the time after," Norman whispered into his ear as he led Peter into the bathroom.


The choices - the one chosen is bolded.

Part One:

A) Harry walks in on them in a *really* compromising position.
B) Norman's secretary can not only hear them, she gets off on it, which is only okay because it's the lunch hour. (suggestions for casting welcome, she is an OC)
C) Peter's spider senses go off, and he has to go do something brave, leaving Norman hard and aching.

Part Two

A) Harry is totally disgusted and lets Peter and Norman know in extremely blunt terms before walking out.
B) Harry agrees to listen to the explanations. This doesn't mean he'll accept them, just listen.
C) Peter's spider senses go off and he has to rush out of there, leaving the explanations for later, which will be even more awkward.

Part Three:

A. Harry leaves, on his own, unsure, but with time.it will be okay.
B. Harry stays and everyone talks some more.
C. Harry gets a call, things don't get resolved, but it's pretty clear things will be okay with time.