Challenge One: First Time and/or College Fic

I asked what Fic Preferences you as a Smallville reader had, and the results came out that people really wanted First Time fic and College Fic.

Our first challenge? Write some. *g* You can combine it--First Time and college? *happyplace*, or do each one individually, or just do one. It can be in drabble form, fic form, ficlet form. Length is completely open so do whatever you have the time for, whatever works out and is good for *you*. Any Smallville pairing is welcome, but--we want happy and or/porn type stories please.

Also, do not put up a link to any story you've written previously, as this is a brand new challenge! At the end, we'll have some kind of closer with links to stories of the genre, most likely.

Adaptation by Madelyn | Smallville | PG


    Challenge Two: Valentine's Day

Official Rules: (And there's a LOT, I'm really laying down the law on this one!)

Any fandom.
Any pairing. (Het and Slash are both fine.)
Any length. (Minimum is drabble length though.)
But wherever they are? It's Valentine's Day. Give us an AU or a Future-Fic where they are celebrating, planning on killing one another, pining or seducing, whatever you want to do to your characters.

Stories must be posted to the community by or on February 14th, 2004 at 12 p.m. PST. You may post to your own blogs anytime they are finished as well. I'll look into creating a central archive for all the stories too.

Have fun! Bonus points for porn involving chocolate in some way.

Disconnected by CJ | Smallville | PG-13

Green Eyes by Yavannauk | SV RPS | NC-17



Challenge Five: Firsts

First time fics seem to be a favorite across fandoms. Generally, these are sexual encounter firsts, but we're mixing it up for this challenge.

Your characters are going to have a 'first'. Not a first time having sex, or kissing, anything of the sort, though those things can be included in the story. Instead, you'll be revealing a first ____ (fill in your time/event/etc. here) for your characters in _____(fill in your fandom here. *g*)

All fandoms welcome again for out 'Firsts' challenge. No word minimum or limit. Stories will be due Saturday the 24th of April, at midnight wherever you are.

Not a requirement, but a thought being thrown out: For this challenge, you could try a pairing you've never worked with or a plot technique you've never tried. Everyone has firsts this way, characters and their writers both! Something to mull on anyway.

Quiet Desperation by Apathy | Six Feet Under | PG



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