What is the Fandom Poolside Archive?

It's a collection of stories submitted to the Live Journal community fandompoolside. Every two weeks or so we have a new challenge. Any author can choose to submit something, and not everyone participates in every challenge. Rarely are there formal sign-ups, so there's no commitment to write a story for any given challenge. The stories that are posted to the community wind up here, for easy reading access.

How do I contact an author?

The archivist simply cuts and pastes whatever was posted to the community. If the author included an email address in their post, it was kept exactly the same during the transfer. Otherwise, you'll simply have to go to our authors page and click on their bio. Many of their links lead to their Live Journals where not only can you find a valid, current email address, but also their most current works.

Why are there so many fandoms? Doesn't that get confusing?

Well, sure, sometimes it might get a bit confusing. But it's more fun if you're exposed to fandoms you might not otherwise see around. As these challenges are open to any fandom out there, including RPS, fandom listings will always be available on the challenge pages so you can read only what you're interested in. As this is a website on populli, RPS is not permitted on the archive. The archivist is looking into an alternate site for these pieces to be held, but for now, the stories will link to the journal entries themselves.

I'm kind of intrigued by a fandom. I see a story or an author here that looks interesting. How can I learn more about the fandom?

My recommendation to you would be to try Crack Van, first. They'll have an overview of most of the fandoms out there available.

How do I contact the archivist?

You can drop me (Madelyn) an e-mail at svmadelyn@yahoo.com. If it's something of key importance, I'll respond as soon as I get it. If it's something that can wait for an answer, expect something within a couple of days.

Hey, this all looks like fun! I want to play! How do I...do that?

Well, if you have a Live Journal, that's easiest. Accounts are free. Simply join fandompoolside as a member and post for whatever our newest challenge is! If you don't have a LJ and don't want one, but still want to write, contact me and we'll see if we can figure something out.

Can I contribute to a challenge that was held before?

Nope, sorry. Only submissions for current challenges will be accepted. But if you'd really like to see a particular old challenge reissued, it can't hurt to drop me an email and ask.

I host/know of a challenge and I'd like it to be linked on this site. How do I...do that?

Just e-mail me with the link and the name of the challenge, and it'll go up as soon as I get a chance.

I'm an author on here already, but I need my work unarchived (or, hey, you missed my story! Put it on the archive already!). Or, I'm an author here already/just joined the community, and I need my e-mail/website link/author bio updated!

...and yeah, email is your *friend*. Once again, svmadelyn@yahoo.com.

Thanks for playing! Have a great time, and I hope you discover some new authors and maybe even a new fandom!