Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge

The Origins:

So Fox and I started talking about crack crossovers tonight:

svmadelyn: hmm. is there a mass crossover challenge?
svmadelyn: i could swear there was one.
svmadelyn: last year there was teen summer dance party
svmadelyn: which was hilarious
svmadelyn: but I'd love to see a massive crossover crack challenge.
svmadelyn: rambaldi on alias, jack on lost and logan from vmars. GO!
fox1013: ...I will drabble that RIGHT NOW.
fox1013: *opens word doc to check word count*
svmadelyn: *giggles*

I gave her prompts, and told her if she was inclined, she could give me prompts. She was all, aww, I know you've been busy but *yes*, I am inclined. And then gave me:

Brian Kinney, Lex Luthor, Lianne Mars and Jonathan Kent, Sheriff Valenti, Jack Bristow.

Which was nice of her.

But we have decided we want to spread the joy of crack crossover ficlets and wish to be entertained further. Thus, we are issuing a "Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge". Basically:

*Comment in one of our journals with at *least* three fandoms you know something about. The more fandoms you offer us, the more fun we will have with you. We'll figure out three characters, and then you go at it. Submissions are to be anywhere from 100-1,000 words.

Go to the stories!

(graphic from toothpastefordinner)