the stories

24 Hours in L.A by bailruni (VMars, the West Wing, and 24.)

Air Force Ones by mimesere (VMars, Stargate: Atlantis, and popslash)

Aliens Anonymous by yavannauk | Worf from DS9, Clark from Smallville and Max from Roswell

Curtain 3 by thenewhope (Popular, Wicked, and Grey's Anatomy)

Detour by monanotlisa (Alias, VMars, and Angel)

Double Exposure by apathocles (Teen Titans, Ultimate X-Men, Buffy)

Just another day at the HQ... by akinaj | Giles, Lana, Voldemort from Buffy, Smallville, Harry Potter

Discovering the Undiscovered Country by valarltd | Star Wars' Han Solo, ST:TNG's Jean-Luc Picard and Narnia's Aslan

In Common by mollita (X-Men, Battlestar Gallactica, and Firefly)

Kree! (Yoo-Hoo!) by kelex | John Sheppard, Sawyer, Al Swearengen from SG-Atlantis, Lost, Deadwood

Losing My Touch by svmadelyn | QaF's Brian Kinney, SV's Lex Luthor, VM's Lianne Mars

Mile High Club by comicbkromance | Lost's Jack, Grey's Christina, Everwood's Dr. Abbott

Objects in Collision by aelora | Michael Garibaldi, Jack O'Neill, Leia Organa from Babylon 5, Stargate SG1, Star Wars

Recon by svmadelyn | SV's Jonathan Kent, Roswell's Sheriff Valenti, Alias' Jack Bristow

Spyboy Surprise by beeej | Michael, Harmony and Methos from LFN, Angel and Highlander

Stranded by garnet_words | Alec, Clark and Locke from Dark Angel, Smallville, Lost

Three In A Room by honeymink (Medium, VMars, and Ally McBeal)

Twiddling by azarsuerte | SG-1's Teal'C, Buffy's Xander and one of the Three Lone Gunmen

Vertigo by calendae (Veronica Mars, Everwood, and the OC)

You're Kind of a Slut, Stacey! by freedomfry (Pirates of the Carribbean, the Baby-Sitters Club, and the Muppets)

Fic by scrunchy (Firefly, Smallville, and Sports Night)

Fic by theamyrlin (Wonderfalls, Tru Calling, and Buffy.)

Fic by anotheryourself (My So-Called Life, Baby-Sitters Club, and Peter Pan)

Ficlet 1 by fox1013 (VMars, Lost, Alias)

Ficlet 2 by fox1013 (VMars, Smallville, Alias)

Ficlet 3 by fox1013 (Felicity, Alias, VMars, Angel)

Ficlet 4 by fox1013 (Alias, Lost, Dawson's Creek)

Untitled by literate_bear | GG's Emily Gilmore, Roswell's Michael, The O.C.'s Summer

Untitled by thefourthvine | Lestat from Anne Rice, Gunn from Angel, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter