Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge 2.0

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Essentially, you request two pairings, one comment/prompt for each. The comments can be as specific as you want to make them. You'll receive two pairings and prompts in return. You *must* send in two pairings though, so people can have a choice what to write.

You'll get a fic you requested and a bunch of great new stories to read all at once!

Thanks to researchminion and marguerite_26 for the original challenges and rule sets. Thanks even more to semisuper for running such a fantastic experience in SV the first go around that we're all crazy enough to try this out for a second time. (And you may even get a sense of deja vu reading this. *g*)

The Rules:

Stories are to be 1,000 words in length, minimally. They cannot be a WIP, they must be able to stand on their own in that 1,000 words.

Dates of Relevance:

Pairings due: Wednesday, September 1st at midnight.

Matches sent out: Monday, September 6th.

Stories posted to LJ: November 1st.

This means you are essentially getting two months to complete your story.

How to Participate:

1. Comment here, saying that you're going to play. I'll be able to keep track of whether or not I've received an e-mail from you this way.

2. Send me an e-mail by September 1st at midnight, detailing your pairings and what you will not write, if anything.

As far as saying what *you* will not/can not write: If there's a pairing out there you will not write, or a type of story you won't do, let me know in your e-mail. Be as specific as possible, but please keep in mind, this is a *challenge* so tell me what is really important to you.

If you could format your e-mail like this, that'd be tremendously helpful:

LJ Name (if any):
Pairing Requests and prompts/comment:
My Restrictions (if any):

Send your e-mails to Do not send to my LJ account, or another yahoo account, PLEASE. I'd love to keep this all in one central location. So much easier.

On Dropping Out:

Last year, there were several people who did not get a story for the SVFF. There were additionally people who came through to write stories at the last minute for other people.

That's not fair to the recipient author. That's not fair to the pinch-hitter. That's not fair to me or the readers.

With that said, if you are having irreconcilable problems with your story, or problems in RL that are preventing you from finishing before November 1st, you must, must let me know by October 25th. I'll be getting back from the fannish Slumber Party in New York that night, so it will give me a couple of days at least to try and find a replacement. If you do this, all is fine in my book. I understand that things come up and that stories sometimes just don't work out.

If you do not have your story finished and you didn't email me by the 25th, I'm not going to be a happy camper. I realize many people procrastinate/cannot write until the last days a story is due. (I know this first-hand; I'm generally one of those people.) That's fine. But know yourself, know your habits and don't let your recipient down by not having your story completed for them.

Stories Permitted:

Kinks and vanilla are both welcome. Slash and het are both welcome. I would ask you (plead, even) not to request something unless you genuinely want to read it. Don't ask for Jonathan/Tractor or something to be "cute". (You're laughing, I know, I *hope*, but please THINK about what you're requesting.) If you desperately want to read a story that's a little off the wall, that's just fine but just--don't be cruel for kicks, okay?

Who's Allowed To Participate?

Anyone in SV fandom is welcome to write, whether they have a LJ or not.

Other Notes:

Any further questions can be relayed to Have a wonderful time with this!