Cuff ‘Em, Vamp ‘Em, or Just Make ‘Em Come Already Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge F.A.Q.


(Link to coordinator: svmadelyn)


Dates to Know:

Sign-up period: Tuesday, March 21st through Monday, March 27th.
Challenges sent out: By the end of March as soon as I possibly can.
Due date: Post on Monday, May 15th. (BUT NOT BEFORE!) Come back to this journal, there will be a Master List up for you to link to.


It is highly recommended that if you are a participant of this challenge, you bookmark this page. I will update it with any information, questions, etc., if things should arise. I would suggest that you set up a folder/document for your comment so that if you're looking for your prompt later on, you'll have it nice and handy and you won't have to rifle through your inbox.


*Don't send me your submission at all. There will simply be a big master link list on May 15th.

*If you're a participant, you will get two e-mails. One will be after I have commented with screened comments on the sign-up post. If you did not get your screened comment emailed to you by the end of March, let me know and I will send it directly to your email. The second e-mail you will get will be anywhere from 5-7 days before May 15th as a little reminder that your pieces are, in fact, due very soon.

*This is the sign up page with further rules:

A couple of things that were widely asked--yes, you can write/manip as many entries as your little heart desires. And no, if you said you were signing up in Fandom #1 but your prompts clearly called for you to write in Fandom #4 instead, that's perfectly fine.

And remember, again, you do not have to write all of your prompts. You're getting three. You can write *any* one of the three, even if you said you were signing up for the Cliché side, but you got a Kink prompt that tickled you. You can write all of the three, two of the three, or the one. You can add in extra kinks/clichés as you see fit, so long as you have at least one of your prompts in there.

I'm really, really easy to please here. Good luck with your prompts!

If you have questions about your assignment, email me at